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One Principle For Consistent Church Growth

So much time and money is spent on different types of advertising, outreaches, programs and events to reach our local community? Have you ever wondered why new people attend our churches once and don’t come back for a second visit. It's so frustrating at times, asking yourself why they don't come back.

Let me ask you one question. Is there an Assimilation Process being used in your church? If not, this could be hinder your church growth.

The assimilation process is taking first time visitors to fully developing members of the church. Much emphasis is put on discipleship programs for existing members but not putting any effort into visitors to becoming members of the church. By using this one church growth principle, you will see consistent church growth.

Here are four parts of the Assimilation Process:

1. Hospitality
2. Information Gathering
3. Follow-up
4. Connection

It might seem like it is not important and simple, but growing churches are using this process.

Assimilation Process = Consistent Growth.

Here are some proven statistics. Which category does your church fall into?

  • Growing Churches keep 20-35% of their first time visitors
  • Minimal Growth and Plateau Churches keep 10 – 19% of their first time visitors
  • Declining Churches keep 5-9% of their first time visitors

    You can see by these statistics that keeping your first time visitors coming back is key. As this process is only one of the church growth principles. You will see significant growth in your church.

    Don't Give Up

    This could be the answer you have been looking for. Discover how Church Growth Software a purpose driven software can help you make sure that you are using the church growth principles. As we have gone through how the assimilation process as one of the principles in growing a church. There are more church growth principles that need to be applied in growing a church. Church Growth Software can help you in this process.

    Knowing this information can help retain first time visitors. You will be able to see what follow-up is done for each first, second and third time visitors. You can generate reports showing how each person is connecting with your church. It also gives you a person's commitment level in the church. All the necessary information needed to grow a church can be recorded in this software.

    Check out our Features page to see what else this software can do. This is not a typical church management software. You can do much more than basic church management tasks. This program has church growth principles incorporated to help with the whole management process. Its purpose is to assist you in growing a church. Church Growth Software is a tool that helps with consistent and healthy church growth.

    This software is easy to use. It is not internet based but can easily be installed on one PC or used in a network. We do not have a MAC version, but do have existing churches that run this program on their MAC using a PC platform with no problems.

    • There is no:
  • Yearly Upgrade Fee
  • Yearly Technical Support Charge
  • Additional Charge for Multiple Users

    You can download a demo which is a full running version. There is no risk to you even after you purchase the software. We have a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee.

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