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Church Growth.....

Which of the following describes your church?

Check all that apply

A church plant or new church seeking to attain rapid, healthy consistent growth and effectively reach their community -- and not be among the 70%-80% of new church plants that fail in their first year.

  An established church that wants to break out of the growth "plateau" which most churches experience -- and achieve consistent, well-managed growth. 

  A church (of any size) that wants to transition to the Purpose Driven Church growth strategy -- and also automate tedious church management tasks like membership management, so that you can spend more time on ministry.

Whichever one you checked above, you're about to discover a solution that's unlike any church management software you've ever encountered before. This membership tracking system concept originated from pastors trained in the purpose driven philosophy.

Much time and money is spent on different types of advertising, outreaches, programs and events to reach our local community. We get new people attending our churches from these efforts. And then the new visitors come to our churches only once and don’t come back for a second visit? It could be frustrating not knowing why they don't come back.

Here are some proven statistics. Which category does your church fall into?

  • Growing Churches retain 20-35% of their first time visitors
  • Minimal Growth and Plateau Churches retain 10 – 19% of their first time visitors
  • Declining Churches retain 5-9% of their first time visitors

    Up to 90% of your first time visitors that attended your church may not return. You can see by these statistics keeping first time visitors coming back is a key to church growth. You can increase your attendance by using an assimilation process.

    The assimilation process is taking first time visitors to fully developing members of the church. Much emphasis is put on discipleship programs for existing members but not putting any effort into visitors becoming church members. By using this one church growth principle, you will see consistent church growth.

    Here are four parts of the Assimilation Process:

    1. Hospitality
    2. Information Gathering
    3. Follow-up
    4. Connection

    It might seem like it is not important and simple, but growing churches are using this process.

    Assimilation Process = Healthy Consistent Growth

    You can find a few more church growth principles here.

    Don't Give Up

    This could be the answer you have been looking for. Church Growth Software was designed with input from the pastors of several Purpose Driven Churches, this software does what you need it to do, making short work of many weekly administrative functions and providing you with invaluable information so you and your staff can efficiently and effectively lead your ministry. 

    This church management software is a purpose driven software because its original team of advisors were associated with the Saddleback Church and its track record of building healthy churches with purpose. The follow-up tracking system in Church Growth Software can improve your church attendance and it will help keep existing members and visitors coming back each week.

    Church Growth Software has been recommended to and used by all type and size churches. This is a one of a kind church membership software. It's a purpose driven software can help you make sure you are using effective church growth principles. By just only using the assimilation process, this can help you in growing a church. Church Growth Software can help create a church growth process.

    Knowing this information can help retain first time visitors. You will also be able to see what follow-up is done for each first, second and third time visitors. You can generate reports showing how each person is connecting with your church. It also shows you a person's commitment level in the church. All the necessary information needed for church growth can be recorded in this software.

    With the kind of statistics you read above, Church Growth Software could make a significant contribution in helping churches continue spreading the Good News and at the same time grow a healthy church. As one of the key church planting resources, it can help increase the chance of church plants to be successful and enabling established churches to keep a growing number of visitors and members -- and maintaining consistent growth.

    Church Growth Software has changed the way churches managed their day-to-day activities. A team of programmers fine-tune the software even further based upon the feedback that was received from the churches that were using the software -- adding valuable features that churches had on their "wish list." It continues to improve with the help of current users of the software.

    This is not a typical church management software. You can do much more than basic church management tasks. This program has church growth principles incorporated to help with the whole management process. Its purpose is to assist you in growing a church. Church Growth Software will help with consistent and healthy church growth. This software is easy to use.

    Here are some valuable benefits of using Church Growth Software:

    • Automate many of the time-consuming tasks associated with church management -- so that you can relieve some of your burden and eliminating the expense of hiring several full-time employees.

    • Build a powerful database that enables you to keep track of visitors and assess what they want so that you can plan and organize events that keep them coming back.

    • Use this software in your assimilation process, so that you can turn First Time Visitors into fully engaged members of your church.

    • Track spiritual milestones so that you can see the commitment level of each member.

    • Use the S.H.A.P.E. principle which is part of the software to make volunteer choosing easier.

    • Create histories, profiles, and reports so that you as the pastors or administrators can make timely and wise decisions.
    • Automatically make church growth a top priority.

    • Print out a detailed Confidential Personal Profile report of each member, so that you can see their spiritual growth.
    • Analyze Advertising - so that you will know which advertising media works the best.

    • Unlimited users of the software, so you don have to pay any additional costs.

    • No update fees.

    • And much more...

      Check out our Features page to see what else this software can do.

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