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Are Churches Growing Today?

Including established churches, small churches, church plants, a new church across all denominations. 80% of church goers believe that churches are still growing in the United States. The latest statistics show that 65% of the churches are declining and 35% are growing in the U.S. There is a decline in church attendance. There is a misconception that more people attend church in the Bible Belt of the U.S. We see more churches but the attendance varies from church to church.

Church Growing Statistics

  • Growing Churches – keep 20 – 35% of their first time visitors.
  • Minimal Growth and Plateau Churches – keep 10 – 19% of their first time visitors.
  • Declining Churches – keep less than 9% of their first time visitors.

With all these statistics it seems that churches are not growing as people think they are. Pastors and church leaders are looking for solutions to this problem. Even mega churches come to a point where they plateau or start declining in number. This shows that beyond the first visit, church systems and processes are needed. It doesn’t matter where the location this issue exists everywhere.

Churches are closing or merging because of membership decline or not enough of financial support to keep the doors open.

Growing a Church

  • What if you can add 10 – 60 or more new people to your church community each month and have them coming back?
  • What if you had more time to grow the church with purpose instead of maintaining?
  • What if you can keep your church attendance and church members healthy and growing in number and spiritually?
  • What if you had a organized system to help grow the church?
  • What if you had church growth tools to help in the process?

This all can be possible.

Why Churches Don’t Grow

There are a list of reasons why churches don’t grow. Here is a list of why small churches don’t grow. You might have tried different church growth programs to increase church attendance and used different church growth tools. Nothing seems to make a lasting difference.

At this point, you are thinking what else is out there that works?  Here are some questions you may have, how to grow a consistent and healthy church or are there proven ways to increase church attendance. You have talked with other pastors and the church leadership that have healthy growth. Tried what they are doing and it didn’t work as you expected it. Sometimes wondering what they know and you don’t. Will my church will ever grow? For smaller churches, is it possible growing a church from 50 to 100? Understanding strategies for church growth is the key to answer the question why churches don’t grow.

How To Increase Church Growth

One good strategy that can be used for your church which is successfully being used in growing churches is a purpose driven church. They use the 5 purposes of the church. By using these purposes with a church assimilation process can increase church attendance. This concept has been proven in time for growing a consistent healthy church numerically and spiritually.

To get your church to use new testament purposes, first you need to get the church systems and processes in order. Find out what are the 5 purposes of the church for growing your community, crowd, congregation and committed core. Here you can find out more about what are the five purposes of the church with the 12 Characteristic of a Purpose Driven Church.


What Is Holding You Back From Growing Your Church?

  1. What is the purpose driven church? You can start by reading a book , “The Purpose Driven Church”. Pastor Rick Warren church growth principles used at Saddleback Church are explained in this book. This will give you some direction on growing a purpose driven ministry using biblical purposes. Find out Pastor Rick Warren’s church growth principles.
  2. Are there any church growth tools that can change the reason why churches don’t grow? You may want to know how to manage church growth. We have a tool that several purpose driven church pastors and church planters gave their input to design this comprehensive tool. Pastor Rick Warren SHAPE principle (Shape Assessment Saddleback) is part of this church software. These effective church growth strategies are the answer to why small churches don’t grow. Proven to increase church attendance and help people multiplication become a reality. It can keep you on track in growing your church and help with church health. This will help you fulfill the great commission.

Church Growth Software



If your church is like so many others, you’ve discovered that your church management software wasn’t designed to help your church grow. We get it and our software can help you solve challenging problems like these:

  • When your current church management software is not designed as a software for growing.
  • When you can’t find the time to grow instead you are just maintaining your church.
  • When you have a hard time choosing the right volunteers for a ministry.
  • When your church attendance keeps going down.
  • When you have church Classes 101 – 401 but no church software to track them.
  • When there is no small church software to help with the five purposes of the church.
  • When you don’t know how to track a new member assimilation process.

We designed our church growth tool as a software for growing and fulfilling the 5 purposes of the church. The characteristics of purpose are in all parts of the growth process. It makes it easier for churches to track their growth and see where there is a short fall. Even if you are a small church looking to grow. It does matter the size of your church. Church Growth Software has proven ways to increase church attendance so small churches can grow. Using this church growth tool can make a difference in any church plant. The core content of this software will cultivate and develop purpose driven principles in your growth process. Your church should not be declining in church attendance.

We know what you’re up against. There’s so much you want to do and so little time available to get it all done. The good news is that with the right church growth tools, you can:

  • Use a Church Management Software designed with proven ways to increase attendance.
  • Have more time to grow your church with purpose instead of just maintaining the church.
  • Keep your church attendance and small groups healthy and growing with this church attendance tracker.
  • You can grow using Saddleback Church Class 101 through Saddleback Church Class 401.
  • Organize the assimilation process and personal spiritual gifts for each individual.
  • Have a good contact information and tracking church management system.
  • Keep the 5 purposes of the church in every part of church management.
  • Keep the church on track for growth using five purposes of the church.
  • Make decisions quickly and confidently without second guessing.
  • Track the growth of the church in number and spiritual growth.
  • See how to keep church visitors coming back.
  • Create programs to increase church attendance which will be more organized and efficient.
  • Keep track of the church giving with a church gift software.
  • Find the right volunteers for a ministry after a person takes Saddleback Church Class 301 and the information entered into the S.H.A.P.E. part of the Church Management Software, which is a more practical volunteer selection process for church leaders.



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Want to grow your church? It’s actually much easier than you think. That’s because our Church Management Software includes a huge number of easy-to-use tools that save you time, money, and get you growing faster than you ever thought possible.

There are different Church Management Software’s out there. They all have their uses as a management solution. Some of the church software’s are vague while others are to specific. This software is a management software for growing; presenting timeless wisdom that is immediately actionable in growing a church.  It does not matter if you a church plant or an established church. This software can also be used as a church planting software which is unique in that it is designed to help retain church visitors using effective church growth strategies. A church software which has proven ways to increase church attendance. The  assimilation process will make more sense by using this attendance tracking software.

If we can show you how this software can help you retain the first time visitors coming to your church, by using a church management system. Would you be willing to try this Church Growth Management Software?


Software Overview


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What are the benefits of using Church Growth Software? Well, we’ve listed twelve below, but that’s just for starters. If you really want to see how our proven software can help your church grow, may we suggest that you request a free download demo? Opportunity is knocking. All you have to do is open the door.

  • Automate time-consuming church management tasks like a church visitor follow up letter and attendance tracking — so that you can have more time for growing your church.
  • Use as a church attendance tracking software and find out their needs which helps you with event management to keep them coming back.
  • Create a church assimilation process, which turns First Time Visitors into engaged members with this church assimilation software.
  • Track spiritual growth milestones so that you can see the commitment level of each member.
  • Make the process of volunteer choosing easier using the S.H.A.P.E. acronym, a Purpose Driven Church Spiritual Gifts Assessment or Spiritual Gifts Assessment Willow Creek. To get a better understanding of S.H.A.P.E. Click Here.
  • Create church membership personal history profiles to help you make wise decisions. Profile Sample 1 Profile Sample 2.
  • Track C.L.A.S.S. 101-401 or Growth Track.
  • Print detailed Confidential Personal Growth Profile reports, which show each member involvement in church with this personal profile software.
  • Track and Analyze Advertising — to find out which advertising media works best for your area.
  • Have a church follow up system to help in your church assimilation process.
  • Use less of your time on membership management and more on growing.
  • Make sure the purpose driven church 5 purposes are being implemented.
  • And much more …

If you sincerely want to see a change in your church, this starts with you. You can start growing your church today with this church assimilation software! First download a free version of this Church Tracking Software, and check how this software can help increase your attendance. You can use this free version for as long as you want to enter 20 People, 20 Ministries and 20 Events before you will need to upgrade to a unlimited version. Remember you can use this as a church planting software for small church growth.

This Growth Management Software Demo allows you to:

  • Explore all the features, functionality and benefits of this software with unique church systems and processes.
  • Enter real data so you can experience the church growth strategies in this software which can be transferred to a licensed version.
  • Easily transition to a licensed version by entering a registration code.

You may need some guidance in using this software for growing. It is different than other Church Management Software’s.
If you have any questions on starting the growing process, contact us at 918-615-9621 or


This software can be used as a church gift software, church planting software, and a church visitor follow up software. This church tracking software with a church assimilation process can be your tool for consistent and healthy church growth.