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With the help of this purpose driven church tool, we will show you how to grow a consistent and healthy congregation

Would you like to know how a church management software can help with church growth?

Our software design uses principles and has built-in strategies for growing a church, which changes the way you manage your church.

It is easy to apply these strategies with purpose-driven Church Growth Software.

You may be having a hard time in growing a church.

Growing a church is possible with the right systems and structures, no matter how many are in your attendance.





Is Your Church Attendance On A Decline?

According to a Lifeway Research study, 6 in 10 churches reported plateauing or declining in 2020.

The percentage of Americans who belong to a house of worship dipped below 50% for the first time ever, according to a survey released by Gallup.

Gallup first began tracking membership in 1937, at a time when 73% of Americans reported that they belonged to a house of worship. That high level of membership continued for the next six decades until 1999 when 70% of Americans still reported membership. But in the early 2000s, membership in a house of worship began declining steadily.


Like many pastors who are struggling with growing a church, you’ve might have tried a church management software that wasn’t designed to help you in growing a church. You might be looking to solve challenging problems like these:


  • Finding a way of growing a small church to a healthy and consistent church membership
  • Tracking membership using purpose-driven church 5 purposes
  • Having a hard time choosing the right volunteers for a ministry
  • Tried different programs to increase your church attendance with no success
  • Using the right purpose-driven Christian life and discipleship ministry tracking software for attendees, classes, small groups, and donations with good reporting
  • Having no direction in using a good church assimilation process
  • Breaking the barrier of growing a church from 50 to 100 or more
  • Get the right strategies for church growth
  • Looking at how to grow the church congregation and save time, energy, and money in managing the growth
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Church Growth Software Menu

We know what you’re up against. There’s so much you want to do and so little time available to get it all done. The good news is with the right church growth tool and church growth strategies, you will:


  • Use less time doing consuming church management tasks by using Church Growth Software
  • Know which events work and keep people coming back by tracking the participation of each event
  • Turn first-time guests into active church members by putting your guests through a church assimilation process
  • Remove the challenges of effectively choosing the right volunteers using a unique S.H.A.P.E. assessment process
  • Make timely and wise decisions using church growth strategies
  • Automate the growth of the church with the help of this church growth management software
  • Know what is not working in the growing church process by generating strategic reports
  • Watch the spiritual growth of each member with a unique tracking system
  • And much more…
“Thanks for getting us up and going with Church Growth Software. We’ve added about 40 visitors to our list in the last few weeks. Our newcomers’ visitation is really working out now that we are able to track each family better.”

Bob E.
San Antonio, TX

“Church Growth Software has been very simple to use and yet sophisticated enough to do major tracking. We started as a church plant with 10 people and it has functioned very well at a small church level and it is transitioning us into a medium-size church.”

Pastor Joseph Olson
Vineyard X-Treme

“We are a church in transition from a traditional church model to the Purpose Driven model of ministry. Your Purpose Driven Church oriented software is making the transition much easier and less time-consuming.

Thanks for creating a piece of software that is easy to use, a joy to work with, and custom fit to the Purpose Driven model, not to mention VERY affordable. Blessings!”

Pastor Mike Brummitt
Heritage Church

Here Is What You Get With This Church Growth Tool

10 Church Growth Software Modules


  1. People Information and Welcome Cards: Designed to get all the important details needed from each attendee used for follow-up and personal growth.
  2. Ministries: Track small groups, ministries, and generate detailed reports.
  3. Calendar: All events are displayed on a monthly calendar, which can be printed for distribution.
  4. Events and Sign-up Sheets: Keep track of event participation, this helps to select the events that keep people coming back.
  5. Reports: Generate church growth reports and statistics that will help you with making more decisions that are accurate.
  6. Attendance: Track weekly attendance and generate reports to see participation in services.
  7. Donations and Pledges: Record donations and pledges. You can print giving and pledge statements.
  8. S.H.A.P.E.: This includes the S.H.A.P.E. assessment information used for volunteer selection.
  9. Library: Makes all sermons, class and small group outlines available for printing or emailing.
  10. Report Writer: Create custom reports not included in the reports section.

Each team member working at Church Growth Software has used this software in growing a church. Our support is more than answering technical software questions but to help you with applying this software to get consistent and healthy growth.


Get Started In Growing a Healthy Church?

To start your church growth process download a demo today. This demo will give you full access to the program but limiting you to 20 individuals, 20 ministries, and 20 events before you need to upgrade to a paid version of the software.


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