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about church growth softwareFrequently Asked Questions About Church Growth Software


How did Church Growth Software originate?

The idea of Purpose Driven Church model software was non-existent in 1999. But with more churches using these concepts, several purposes driven church pastors and church planters gave their input to design a comprehensive computer program. Not only it provides help with timely decision-making information, but it also automates the essential aspects of an effective Purpose Driven ministry model in growing a church.


What is the difference between Church Growth Software and other similar software?

We designed this church software to help churches grow using the purpose driven church structure.


What types of churches can use this software?

It does not matter the denomination or size of the church. This software is being used by all kinds of denominations and from small to large churches. And this software could work for you.


How do I know if this software will work for my church? 

This software’s purpose is to track the purpose-driven church growth process. Purpose Driven Church is not the only one to use this software. Use these features in any type of church. The easiest way to see if this software will work for you is to download a free trial and test it.


What type of software is this?

Install Church Growth Software on one or more computers. Use as a standalone or in a network. It is not internet-based. All the data is saved on your hard drive. It is not MAC compatible. Installing it on a MAC is possible by using a program like Parallels Desktop. And this MAC software allows you to install Window programs on your computer.


What results can I expect using this software?

You will have a better handle on the growth system in your church. Many of these churches are growing in number and maintaining a healthy church for the last 18 years. They are keeping many of their members and adding new ones monthly. It all depends on each individual church. Some grow faster than others.


What kind of computer do I need to run this software? 

You will need Windows 7, 8, or 10 with about 400 MB of Hard drive Space. It depends if you have 32 bit or 64 bit Microsoft Office installed on your computer. This will determine which version of our program you need to install.


If this is the right software for us, how do we get started?

First, you can download a free trial and test this software. There is a help manual in the software. You can also download a more detailed training manual from our website. There are help videos in our Help section of the website.


What if we need more help in setting this software up or getting the church growth process started?

If you need more guidance in using this software program or setting up the church growth process, you can contact us by phone at 918-615-9621 or by email support@churchgrowthsoftware.com. We will help you get on the right track.


How does the free demo version work? 

With the Church Growth Software demo, you can enter 20 individuals, 20 ministries, and 20 events. This is the full version of the software. To get the unlimited capacity you will have to purchase this software.


This Purpose Driven Church Growth Software makes it easier to grow your church!