church growthWhat Is Church Growth?

In our last blog, we went over the statistics of how many churches were growing or declining each year and only a few are experiencing church growth.

Here is a recap:

65% of churches are declining and 35% are growing.

It seems there is an understanding that to grow a church you need to get a new building, add new technology, merge with another church, or have a good evangelistic program, and so on. If this was so, then many of the churches today would grow, but they are not.

Churches are made up of people. Churches need to grow spiritually and in number.

There is a verse in 1 Corinthians 3:7 states that God gives the growth. Then there are those that plant the seed and water it. We can say that the seed planter is the evangelist and the one who waters is the pastor/teacher. Now this applies to spiritual growth. There is spiritual growth and also growth in number. There needs to be some kind of process to keep the people coming back.

Can church management software help in growing a church in number? 

Yes, and no. Good church management software is only a church growth tool to help. 

First, a good church management system should be able to:
  • Track the growth of the person attending.
  • Have the information by using the S.H.A.P.E. principle to help place a volunteer in the right ministry.
  • Have the right contact information to keep in touch.
  • Help with the assimilation process, from first-time visitors to fully engaged members
  • Keep track of the needs of each person attending so they can be ministered to.
  • Keep track of donations.
  • Help with organizing events.
  • Track the growth of each ministry or small group.

These are just a few features of a good church management system. Church Management Software should be more than a basic contact information database.

Church Growth Software a Church Management Software with church growth strategies can help you in this church growth process. There needs to be a process in place for growth.

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