Many special requests are made throughout the year from growing churches that use Church Growth Software. We take the most requested changes or add-on’s and put them in an update. Our goal is to help churches with church growth. To get consistent and healthy growth certain information needs to be tracked a certain way and this is our purpose.

Here are some updates for Church Growth Software in Version 4.3.


  • The Donation Year End Letter/Statement has more space in the comments box.
  • The Donation Year End Letters/Statements have been reformatted to look better.
  • Family Year End Letters/Statements have a labels printing option.
  • Label printing in other areas of the program can be printed in Last Name or Zip Code order.
  • Here is a new report called Last M.A.D.E. where you can run a “No Participation for More Than 30 Days” in Ministry, Attendance, Donations or Events. You can select any of these or all of these groups. This report is found in the Reports Module under Custom Reports.
Church Growth M.A.D.E. Report
  • Other miscellaneous reports have been updated to look and work more efficiently.
  • We will continue updating the software as the requests come in to help each Church Growth Software user continue growing a church.
For existing Church Growth Software users using version 4.0 and up you can download Version 4.3


If you are not using all of the features of Church Growth Software here are three of them that you might find useful


  • Church Assimilation Process Tracking – grow your church attendance by keeping attenders coming back and staying in church. You can see where each person is in their spiritual journey.
  • S.H.A.P.E. Personal Profile Assessment – assess the best possible candidates for a ministry position. After a person takes a Spiritual Gifts Assessment, this information is entered into the software. Then you can run a report to get a list of qualified people for available positions.
  • Church Growth Library – keep all the church growth and follow-up information in one place. You can print the information or email it to an individual requesting this specific information. This helps to keep the church growth process running smoothly.

With the help of this software you will be able to move forward in growing your church with consistent healthy growth.

If you have not tried this growth software download a free full version demo today!

You can get more information about this software at Church Growth Software.


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