Church Membership Software


Church Membership Software Using Church Growth Principles

Using this church membership software you can get a full picture of each individual or family involvement and commitment in the church. This is not your typical church management software. This program helps you to track each person’s spiritual commitment and grow church membership.

The more your church grows, the harder it gets to keep up with all the individual member information. You can record all the information needed to do ministry care effectively. Using this software will also help with consistent and healthy church growth.

All members are important and need certain care to help them with their spiritual growth.

Here Is A Partial List Of What You Can Do With This Church Membership Software

  • Automates many of the time-consuming tasks associated with church management — so that you can relieve some of your burdens and eliminating the expense of hiring several full-time employees.
  • Builds a powerful database that enables you to keep track of visitors and assess what they want so that you can plan and organize events that keep them coming back.
  • Tracks spiritual milestones so that you can see the commitment level of each member.
  • Records Personal Profile Information – their photo, contact information, first-time visit, when they attended regularly, list of family members, spiritual milestones, involved in what ministries, events, and classes they attended, ideal ministries they should take part in, worship services they attended in the last 6 months, and S.H.A.P.E. a spiritual gifting profile. Sample Report.
  • Generates Prayer Requests Report – prints weekly prayer requests for the prayer teams. You can also mark the prayer requests as confidential.
  • Generates Care Calling Report – helps in reaching out to those in need.
  • See Features for more information

How Church Growth Software Can Help With Church Growth

Using this software has changed the way many churches manage their day-to-day activities. We designed this purpose-driven church management software to facilitate a growing church. Much other church management software just tries to accommodate the user with no purpose in growing a church. You will find out that by using the right church growth principles, your church will grow.

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