Download a Demo or Full Version of Church Growth Software

Church Software Demo & Full Version Download

  • With this evaluation you will be able to enter 20 People, 20 Ministries and 20 Events.
  • If you have purchased a serial number for this version, you can download this version and use your existing serial number to activate it. The serial number for version 4.0 is different than the previous versions.
  • If you get a unrecognized app from Window Defender or your antivirus program. Run anyway. 

»  Download 32 Bit Version 4.2 – (If you have 32 bit Microsoft Office)

»  Download 64 Bit Version 4.2 – (If you have 64 bit Microsoft Office)

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Installation Instructions

1. When you download the program, save it to your hard drive. The file size is about 70 MB (32 bit version) 340 MB (64 bit version.

2. Double click on the downloaded file CGSSetup42.exe or CGSSetup4264.exe (Version 4.2) and follow the installation instructions. Select Full Installation.

3. After the installation, a Church Growth Software Logo will appear on your desktop.

4. Double click on this logo and it will bring you to a logon screen.

To logon, use the following information (Name and Password are case sensitive):

   Name:         SystemAdmin
Password:   SystemAdmin

You might have other questions about this software or you need help in setting Church Growth Software up, Here is the link for Church Growth Software Help.  There you will find some videos that you can watch.

To Change Your Password:

At the Main Menu select Setup. Click on System Settings and then Change Password.

To Uninstall This Program:

If you need to uninstall this demo, go to the Start Programs Menu and find Church Growth Software. There is a Uninstall program in this menu. You can also uninstall it in the Control Panel.

Contact Us:

If you have any question, contact us or call us Tel: 918-615-9621.