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Is Growing a Church from 50 to 100 Possible?

About 50% of church attenders go to a church of fewer than 100 people. Many of these churches are having a hard time growing a church from 50 to 100. Some want to grow and others do not. 

For those who want to see their church grow, there are different church growth strategies available for growing a church. Now, do these strategies work? Are all small churches able to grow?

Keep reading to find out:

  • Why do new and established churches remain small
  • What does a small church look like
  • How to grow a church

You might have heard some of these church growth strategies:

  1. Make sure your Welcome process is right
  2. Invest in Young People
  3. Invest in a Children’s Program
  4. Be Accessible by Live Streaming Your Services
  5. Be Passionate
  6. Pray
  7. Structure for Growth
  8. Keep Your Building In Good Condition
  9. Use Special Events
  10. Plan Big Days – Holidays to Bring In New People
  11. Invest in Small Groups
  12. Train Your Leadership
  13. Promote Congregation on Social Media
  14. Train Members to Evangelize
  15. Figure Out Your Ideal Demographics

All these church growth strategies are important, by using them correctly will this system work.


Why New and Established Churches Remain Small

A new church is one that exists 5 years or fewer. For instance, they might use one of the church growth strategies like planning big days like Easter, Christmas, Picnics, and Mother’s Day to bring in new people. The attendance increases for that day and it goes back to around 50. Without adding new people to the church, it will eventually die.

There is more than just using church growth strategies, but using the right ones at the right time can make the difference.

Here is some more information on 8 Reasons Why Small Churches Don’t Grow.


What Does a Small Church Look Like?

  • One pastor
  • A small group of people stays there, so the church survives
  • Use programs just to maintain the church
  • Most of the people want the church to remain small
  • People attending are close to the pastor, either they like his vision, are related, or just like the pastor
  • Limited youth and children’s programs
  • Do not know what the demographics are in their area
  • There is no training for staff
  • No growth classes for members or visitors
  • They do not want to improve in what they are doing

How to Grow a Church

There is more to it than trying different programs for growing church membership. The list of church growth strategies will work but needs to be used according to the structure of the church.

First, you need to agree that you want to grow.

Second, a demographic study is necessary to find out what people are living in the surrounding area. Are there young couples with children or senior citizens and so on… You need to institute the right programs that would draw these people to the church.

Third, there needs to be a common vision of who you want to reach. All the people in the congregation need to agree with this vision.

Fourth, finding the purpose of the church is a very important component in church growth.

Here is a small church growth example:

A new small church that wanted to grow its congregation. The pastor found out through a demographic study that most of the people living in the area were young married couples with infants.

Talking to a few of them, he found out they had a hard time potty training their children. The pastor found some suitable training materials for potty training and sent an invitation to the young couples in the area.

Over 30 couples showed up for this training. From that group, over 10 families joined the church because they had a program set for couples with infant children.

Their vision was to reach young couples with infants. They focused all their programs on this group. Of course, others were welcome to attend this church.

Here is one example of a Church Growth Strategy:

To keep the guests coming back, the first thing that needs to be set up is a church assimilation process that helps to keep people coming back.

This process comprises:

  1. Hospitality–From Being Greeted–Treated–Seated
  2. Information Gathering–Using a Connection Card–Getting the right information.
  3. Follow-up–With email or card within 36 hours with the information they requested on the Connection Card.
  4. Commitment–Once a visitor attends two times, you want to connect them with some clear next steps.

From there, you structure for growth. You use church growth strategies that fit the mission of who you want to reach. You will see the type of people who are attending your church, find the needs, and fill them. You want the people to be passionate about the mission of your church. Only use programs that advance the mission. Other programs could hinder the growth.

Therefore, to get this all organized, you will need something to help keep you on track with your growth process. We have a church growth tool that is different. With the help and input from several purposes, Driven Church pastors and church planters gave their input to design comprehensive computer software. Not only it provides help with timely decision-making information, but it also automates the essential aspects of an effective Purpose Driven ministry model in growing a church.

Church Growth Software has church growth principles and church growth strategies that can be used in any church that wants to grow. It tracks all the information that’s needed to help make wise church growth decisions.


How Can Church Growth Software Help?

  • Using less time doing consuming church management tasks and spend more time growing the church
  • Knowing which events work that keeps people coming back
  • Having guests come back and keep the first time guests in church with the help of a church attendance tracker
  • Turning first-time guests into active members of your church
  • Engaging your guests with a church assimilation process from the first-time guest to an active member
  • Making the process of volunteer choosing easier using the S.H.A.P.E. acronym, a Church Growth Spiritual Gifts Assessment. To get a better understanding of S.H.A.P.E. Click Here.
  • Making timely and wise decisions using church growth strategies
  • Automating your church growth process with the help of a church growth management software
  • Tracking the spiritual growth and milestones of each member

Find out more on how Church Growth Software can help in growing a church.

Growing a church from 50 to 100 is possible. By using this software, you will move forward in growing a consistent and healthy church.

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