Church Assimilation Process

To get the church to grow, there needs to be a process in place to get this growth. Many church leaders think that a church will grow by itself. If this is true, then why around 80% of the churches today are considered small churches.

The church assimilation process is turning first-time guests into fully developed church members is every church’s responsibility. God has entrusted to have these guests come to church. Now it is important for them to keep coming back so they can experience God’s power and become committed to a local church as a member. This process applies to many churches that want to grow, which includes church plants to established churches.

There are millions of people around the world that are visiting a church for the first time each week. After an event or special service you may have, not all the guests return next week. This happens every week. The key to successful growth is to have a good percentage of them return.

If you are using the Purpose Driven Church model, there is a commitment level of each person attending the church. They start out as the Crowd and keep moving up to being in the Core.

Purpose Driven 5cs

Pastor Rick Warren believes that to have a healthy growing church, each person needs to move from the outer circle to the inner circle of commitment. Each new person attending your church is beginning a new journey, and it is our responsibility to get them through it.


The First Impression

How many times have you gone to a restaurant or hotel and you decided if you would come back because of the first impression? People coming to church are the same way, they evaluate by first impressions.

To get a first-time guest to becoming a member it will take them to come to church more than once. It’s first time guest to second-time guest to attender than the member. Now they need to be coming back for this to happen.

In his book Fusion, Pastor Nelson Searcy says that the first seven minutes of a person coming through the doors of the church will make an impression of if they are coming back or not. That is not that much time to make a first impression. They have not even heard the music or the preaching yet. They are evaluating the church by the atmosphere. This includes the friendliness and how easy it is to find their way around the church and so on.


Three Important Steps of the Assimilation Process

The first step is in the pre-service it is important to how a person is greeted, directed, treated, and seated.

The second step is in the service itself. This is where the connection is made by them by filling out a connection or welcome card.

The third step is after the service. How follow-up is done.

We are not going into detail on this process but you can get more information about this process by going to How to Gain More Church Members by Using the Assimilation Process.

To track this church assimilation process, we have software that was built for the Purpose Driven Church model.

Church Growth Software has purpose-driven church principles with church growth strategies that can be used in any church that wants to grow. It tracks all the information that’s needed to help make wise church growth decisions.


With Church Growth Software

You Can:

  • Use less time doing consuming church management tasks and spend more time growing the church
  • Know which events work that keep people coming back
  • Have guests come back and keep first-timers in church using a church attendance tracker
  • Track the Crowd through the 5 commitment levels to when they become part of the Core
  • Use a church assimilation process from first time guest to active member
  • Make the process of volunteer choosing easier using the S.H.A.P.E. acronym, a Purpose Driven Church Growth Spiritual Gifts Assessment. To get a better understanding of S.H.A.P.E. Click Here.
  • Make timely and wise decisions using church growth strategies
  • Automate your church growth process with the assistance of a church growth management software
  • Track the spiritual growth of each member

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