What is a Church Assimilation Process?


Did you ever wonder why some churches are full and others sit empty?

65% of churches are declining and 35% are growing in the US.

80% of churchgoers believe that churches are growing in the US and they couldn’t be more wrong.

There must be something missing in churches that are not growing. One reason for no church growth, is no assimilation process. In many churches, all their programs and efforts are directed towards the existing members. Very little emphasis is put on first time visitors.

To gain more church members, an easy process needs to be used for a growing church.

How could a growing church increase in attendance if there are no new people coming back or joining? To get the people inside the front door is one thing. To keep them there is another. There is more to growing a church than evangelism. A process that keeps visitors coming back. One of these processes is the assimilation process.

Here is a basic overview of how the assimilation process works:


  1. Hospitality – From Being Greeted – Treated – Seated
  2. Information Gathering – Using a Connection Card – Getting the right information.
  3. Follow-up – With email or card within 36 hours with information, they requested on the Connection Card.
  4. Commitment – Once a visitor attends two times, you want to start to connect them with some clear next steps.

Growing churches  use this church assimilation process to keep the new visitors coming back. The churches that are experiencing growth do have some kind of system for visitors.

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