Why Churches Don’t Grow

There is a misconception that a church will grow by itself. Every church can grow. Growing a church could be compared to plant growth. Weeds will grow by themselves and most of them are not beneficial. To grow a non-weed type of plant you would need to give it certain care. Like water, sunlight, fertilizer and some plants need pruning.

Every person who attends a church is in a different spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional state. They all need distinctive care and a good growing environment. You cannot have a one size fits all mentality.

Churches That Are Growing

Using the Purpose Driven Church as an example, you will find 5 different groups of people attending.

  • Community (Unchurched)
  • Crowd (Regular Attenders)
  • Congregation (Members)
  • Committed (Mature Members)
  • Core (Ministry)

All these groups of people attend your church at one time or another. Every one of them needs a different environment and food to grow. All their needs are different. So each group needs to be looked at differently to find out what their needs are and how they can be filled.

A church plant would need to find out what the demographics are and plan accordingly.

For those who are looking in growing a church from 50 to 100, there is another plan that needs to be used.

For those who have an established church, there is a different plan.

Remember, all churches have these 5 groups of people attending.

Ask yourself these questions.

Do you have an unshakeable conviction about growth?

What are you doing to grow your church?

Are you filling the needs of the people attending your church?

In 1 Corinthians 3:7, it says that God gives the growth. That is true but someone needs to manage this growth.

How to Grow a Church

The first thing needed to increase church growth is getting a vision and then putting together a plan.

For those who are looking to transition to a Purpose Driven Church Model, you need to do an analysis.

Here are a few questions to ask.

  • Who lives in your local area? Demographics.
  • Who are you trying to reach?
  • If you are an established church, is everyone on board to grow.

These are a few starting basic questions in growing a church.

You can find more details about Growing and the Purpose Driven Church on our site.

After you get the vision and plan together, you will need a church tracking software that is designed for purpose-driven church to track the growth.

Church Growth Software was created by several purpose driven church pastors and church planters who gave their input to design a comprehensive computer program. Not only it provides assistance with timely decision-making information, but it also automates the essential aspects of the Purpose Driven Ministry model for growing a church.

Church Growth Software:

  • Automates time-consuming church management tasks like a church visitor follow-up system — so that you can have more time for growing your church.
  • Used as a church tracking software in finding out people’s needs which helps you with event planning management which keeps them coming back?
  • Creates a church assimilation process, which turns First-Time Visitors into engaged members.
  • Tracks spiritual growth milestones so that you can see the commitment level of each member.
  • Makes the process of volunteer choosing easier by using the S.H.A.P.E. acronym, a Purpose Driven Church Spiritual Gifts Assessment. To get a better understanding of S.H.A.P.E. Click Here.
  • Creates church membership personal history profiles which help with making wise decisions. Profile Sample 1 Profile Sample 2.
  • Tracks C.L.A.S.S. 101-401 or Growth Track.
  • Prints detailed Confidential Personal Growth Profile reports, which show each member’s involvement.
  • Analyzes Advertising and Demographics — to find out which advertising media works best for your area.
  • Has a church follow-up system to help in your church assimilation process.
  • Uses less of your time on membership management and more on growing.
  • Makes sure the purpose-driven church’s 5 purposes are being implemented.
  • And much more…

Find out more on how Church Growth Software can help in growing a church.

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