Why only a few first time visitors or guests come back and become church members?

This is happening in many churches today. During the special holidays or events many more people come to church and then the following week it goes back to the original attendance count.

For a church to experience church growth something needs to be done every time people gather which will make an impact on church membership.  Many try different programs and they only work for a short period of time. There should be a weekly process that can help in growing a church with new membership. It can be easier than you think.

Growing a Church

  • Declining Churches – retain less than 9% of their first time visitors
  • Solid Growing Churches – retain 10 – 15% of their first time visitors
  • Fast Growing Churches – retain 20 – 35% of their first time visitors

The average growing church retains 10% of their first time visitors. Some of them keep coming back and become church members.

Here is what they do:

  1. They collect contact information.
  2. They build relationships by connecting with them using pastor meetings, prayer partners, phone calls, emails, text messages, mailings and fellowship.
  3. They encourage the new attenders to attend classes so they could get information on the beliefs of the church, how to become a member and grow spiritually, what is expected with donations, attendance and getting involved in the church.

You will find the following in these churches:

  • Good Biblical Teaching and Sound Doctrine
  • Good Leadership
  • Good Worship
  • Friendly Community

What do new comers look for in a church?

  • 83% sermons that apply to them
  • 79% feel welcome – parking attendants, greeters, ushers
  • 74% style of services – worship team, what is done in the service
  • 70% location of church
  • 56% kids programs

You can get more information on “Choosing a New Church” from a survey done by Pew Research Center.


How To Retain More First Time Visitors

If you are getting 10% or less of the first time visitors coming back and staying, then you will need to improve on the sermons, welcome process, style of services and kids programs.

There is a better chance of growing your church membership when you start getting your retaining percentage up.

We have a solution for you on making your welcome process better so you can increase the retention of your first time comers.

It’s proven which is “Purpose Driven Church Growth”.  It’s been used by many churches to help with the church growth process. This whole process can be tracked in Church Growth Software.

You might think how can software help with growing church membership? This software is more than just a database that collects people’s information, tracks ministry, events, attendance and donations.  It is a church growth tool that is built using church growth principles.


I Highly Recommend This Software For Church Planters!

Church Growth Software has been very simple to use and yet sophisticated enough to do major tracking. We started as a church plant with 10 people and it has functioned very well at a small church level and it is transitioning us into a medium size church.

Pastor Joseph O

Here are a few Unique Church Growth Software Features that can help in Growing Church Membership

  • Church Assimilation Process – grow your church attendance by keeping attenders coming back and staying in church
  • S.H.A.P.E. Personal Profile Assessment – a better way of selecting the right volunteers for different ministries. This will make each department run more efficiently.
  • Church Growth Library – keep all the church growth and follow-up information in one place. This keeps the church growth process running smoothly.

With the help of this software you will be able to move forward in growing membership and a consistent healthy church.

Start the process by downloading a free full version demo today!

You can get more information about this software at Church Growth Software.

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