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Are churches growing? If we look at the church growth statistics from 1998 until now, attendance has been declining every year. In fact, the percentage of young-adult dropouts has increased from 59 to 64 percent in the last couple of years. Nearly two-thirds of U.S. 18–29-year-olds who grew up in church tell Barna they have withdrawn from church involvement as an adult after having been active as a child or teen.

Is there hope for small church growth? Let’s look at some statistics. In their 2016 State of the Church report, the Barna Group looked at church size.

Most Church Goers in America Attend Small to Medium Churches The church could be large or small, charismatic or traditional, significant numbers of Americans sit in the pews each Sunday to worship together. About 46% attend a church of 100 or fewer members. Close to 37% attend a midsize church of over 100, but not larger than 499. About 9% attends a church with between 500 and 999 attenders, and little less than 8% attend a very large church of 1,000 or more attendees.

There are around 83% of the church goers attend a church under 500. Almost Half of Churches Are Small To prove how prevalent small churches are, the same study as above found that almost half of churches have 100 members or fewer. Sometimes it’s not about having the most members, but retaining and engaging the members you do have before working on growing the church.

Reasons Why SMALL Churches Don’t Grow


What’s your strategy to reach your community? How will your team change and develop as you grow? What will you NOT do as you get bigger? What will you DO as you get bigger? You need a strategy or it will only be a dream.


You might have heard this saying. “Us four and no more”.  This goes against the Great Commission of Matthew 28.


Loss of God’s Vision.


Pastors is Running The Church as a Single-Cell Church – His Role Has Not Changed. For More Details Read This Article By Pastor Rick Warren.
Wrong Volunteers – Not using S.H.A.P.E. Spiritual Assessment.


Not Using the Purpose Driven Church Principles.


No Visitor Follow-up or Not Setup Up As a Welcoming Church.


Not Using a Church Assimilation Process.


No CLASS 101-401 Spiritual Development Classes.

There are more reasons not listed here.


So is Small Church Growth Possible?

Yes. You do not have to stay small.

To get a church on the right path of growth is to first start with a vision that God has put on your heart. Any kind of growth does not happen all by itself that is healthy. Even with plants someone has to water and fertilize them to get productive plants. On top of that you need the right fertilizer and the right amount of water. Same with growing a church, you need the right mindset and the right church growth tools.

If you do not desire to see growth and you don’t use the right tools, it will not happen by itself. God brings the growth but he uses us to manage it.

At Church Growth Software we came up with a church software that was developed in 1998 when churches on an average were growing 9-10% per year. With the assistance and input from several different Purpose Driven Church pastors and church planters. This church growth tool uses the purpose driven church principles and it has church growth strategies that can be used in any church that wants to grow.

Benefits of Using Church Growth Software

Strategies for Church Growth

  • Using less time doing consuming church management tasks
  • Know which events work that keep people coming back
  • Have visitors come back and retain first timers in church using a church attendance tracker
  • Turn first time visitors into active members of your church
  • Engage your visitors with an church assimilation process
  • Make the process of volunteer choosing easier using the S.H.A.P.E. acronym, a Purpose Driven Church Growth Spiritual Gifts Assessment or Spiritual Gifts Assessment Willow Creek. To get a better understanding of S.H.A.P.E. Click Here.
  • Make timely and wise decisions using church growth strategies
  • Automate your church growth process with the help of a church growth management software
  • Track the spiritual growth of each member

If you are interested in downloading a free church growth demo click here.

You can get more information about this software at Church Growth Software.

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Get a Free Full Version Church Growth Software where you can enter 20 People 20 Ministries and 20 Events.

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