Spiritual Health and Ministry Tracking

Spiritual Growth Is Important

Spiritual health and ministry tracking for members is part of a healthy church. How can you tell if someone is growing spiritually? Many times you cannot tell it by just talking to them. There are routine things that each person does on a personal level, like prayer, bible reading, and attending church. They also need to be taught how to live their Christian life and fulfill their purpose.

By offering different classes like C.L.A.S.S. 101 – 401 in your church, that will specifically guide them in their growth process.

Church Growth Software has spiritual health tracking in the program. This helps you track how each member is progressing in their spiritual growth. You can track each class they take and what ministry they are involved in. Their commitment to the church will become stronger when they find out and start fulfilling their purpose.

You can try Church Tracking Software at no cost to you and see how it can help you in growing your church. The demo will keep all the information you entered so that when you decide to upgrade to a full version of this church software, you will lose none of the information.

Church Growth Software is an easy-to-use tool for growing a healthy and consistent church.

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