Are All Church Management Software’s Alike?

Purpose Driven Church Growth SoftwareWondering which Church Management Software works with a purpose-driven church? Well, you are not alone. But let me quickly say that the answer to this question needs a couple of questions answered.


What’s a Purpose Driven Church?

In his book on the Purpose Driven Church, Rick Warren mentioned worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and mission (or evangelism) as pursuits that make a church purpose-driven. But if your church is using the 5 purposes of worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, mission, and then your church runs on purpose.

That said.

Now, what’s Church Management Software?

Primarily, Church Management Software is computer software (that works both online and offline) designed to help manage, automate and organize church daily operations.

But it can actually do more than that.

It can handle processes such as databases, it can help manage communication, community growth of each member, and events, and it can also aid in selecting volunteers using S.H.A.P.E. a spiritual gifts assessment church growth tool.

You stand to gain a lot with Church Management Software.

Okay, let’s put it in perspective….in summary… Church Management Software helps to:

  1. Focus and streamline the common administrative tasks. You probably need that in your church.

There’s no need to burden you mechanically with church administration, Church Management Software helps with that.

  1. Track, deploy, and manage resources. I guess you know what that means.

Resource management is a big thing in church. People, funds, contributions, and… are what make a church, and you have got to learn to manage these resources correctly. Church Management Software does that.

  1. Foster Communication and Connectivity. Communication is the lifeblood of every community.

Your church is a community; Church Management Software ensures effective communication and connection within the structure and community of the church.

  1. Monitor growth and also the development of the worshipers individually and collectively.

How do you handle growth? And what about the personal development of worshipers!

Well, Church Management Software will help you with that.

Do you see your church in need of these services?

Then the question is:

Which Church Management Software Works With A Church That is Purpose Driven?

We developed church Growth Software in 1998 with the input of several pastors of several Purpose Driven Churches and church planters using either the Purpose-Driven or Willow Creek ministry models. This church management software is a purpose-driven church software because it associated its original team of advisory consultants with the Saddleback Church and their track record of building healthy churches with purpose.

We set it out to be designed as a comprehensive system that not only provided pastors and administrators with timely decision-making information, but that also automated the essential aspects of these two effective ministry models.

It has helped efficiently run the church’s day-to-day activities and other administrative tasks.

This all-in-one Church Management Software solution is what you need for your church.

You can get more information about this software at Church Growth Software

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